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in which i have returned

Aaaaand, I’m back!

I’ve actually been back since late Friday night, but I’ve been avoiding my computer in an effort to pretend I am still on vacation. That illusion was, however, shattered by the fact that I had to work today. Boo.

Annnnnyway… the Vegas was very fun. I basically sucked at gambling. I managed to come out ahead, but really only because my dad kept adding to my gambling fund throughout the week. Gotta love the Bank-o-Daddy! We saw one of the Cirque du Soleil shows: Mystere. Ho-lee-mo-lee! Amazing. Beautiful. Absolutely awe-insiring. Basically, it was insanely good and you should see it. It did kinda make me feel like I was out of shape, but still… amazing!

Other than seeing the show, we basically gambled and ate our way through the Vegas. We ate amazing food all week… I basically overdosed on seafood, since I wasn’t the one paying for it (don’tcha just love going on vacay with the parentals?!?).

It was really fun to hang out with the Family for a nice chunk of time. To be perfectly honest, I was rather bummed that I had to come back to AZ instead of just moving back to NC now (instead of in March). But we had a really great time. We definitely get along now better than ever, which is awesome. This was also the first time I had really gotten a chance to hang out with Brother-In-Law*, and I gotta say, he’s a pretty cool guy. I approve.

So basically, this is a post to say: I’m back! I lived! I’m not more-dead-broke than I was before the Vegas! Happy Belated Holidays!

*I’ve never lived near the family as long as Brother-In-Law and Sister have been involved. They got together and married while I was still in college, and I peaced out to AZ as soon as I graduated.


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in which i recap with bullets

I have been enjoying a basically internet-free vacation with the fam, but thought I would check in with the blog-world. I have read all your posts (if you’re on my reader!), but will probably continue my tradition of sucking at commenting!

Get ready for a recap of my Thanksgiving events:

  • Got to the airport way too early and people-watched while playing Sudoku and reading The Two Towers.
  • Slept and read my way through a four-hour flight, while jamming to Lenny Kravitz and Jason Mraz.
  • Did the Christmas-treat cooking* we usually do at Christmas on Wednesday, since we’ll be in Vegas for Christmas again this year.
  • Chopped off a shit-ton of my hair! It’s super-short and super-cute now! I’d show you a picture, but that would kind of kill the anonymity thing I’ve got going on.
  • Helped prep for the big Thanksgiving feastola, including my crab-stuffing-covered-salmon (of meat products, I only eat seafood)
  • Played Bunco** for the first time… still am not sure if I get it.
  • Watched football and the Macys parade, before eating an insane amount of food.
  • Went to see James Bond on Friday with my dad… we’re not sure if we got that either.
  • Went to Galapagos’s parents’ house to visit with Galapagos & KG.
  • Officially booked my first wedding gig (I’m a photographer) on my own: Licious’s fall wedding to her Spanish-Irish lovah.

I am now sitting in the basement with my dad, watching Lord of the Rings on the gigantor television, enjoying that I don’t have to go back to real life for another two days.

Hope everyone’s Turkey-day was good! Happy Holiday-Season!

*Anisette cookies (tradition from my Italian-side of the family), Chocolate-covered peanut butter balls, and Mint-chocolate fudge… let me know if you want recipes!
**A game that is basically who-can-roll-four-of-a-kind-first. We were very enthusiastic about it, but none of us are sure we get the appeal.

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