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ramble, ramble, ramble

I really don’t have a post for today. Stupid NaBloPoMo pressuring me into feeling like I need to post something clever.* I read post after post about election day, and don’t want to post about it myself. Mainly because I voted weeks ago, so today just marks the day of relief that I don’t have to watch anymore stupid annoying campaign commercials.

I worked really hard today, and was actually exhausted mentally when I got home. I toned close to 2000 images in about six hours, which may not sound too intense… but holy crap is my brain tired. And my eyes. Sometimes I get really really sick of looking at the computer screen.**

I also haven’t worked on my NaNoWriMo at all in the past two days. That is bad, because to stay on track, I really should be writing about 1600 words a day. And now I’m two days behind. Craaaaaap. How are you other NaNo crazies doing?

And I’ve been Netflixing the entire Friends series, and I’m currently in the middle of season six. I gotta say… I have never really found any of the guys on that show super attractive… but lately… I could eat Ross with a spoon. Maybe it’s just been a while… but he is looking mighty hot lately. Never thought I would think David Schwimmer — is that even how you spell his name? — was attractive.

That is what I’ve got for today. Some complete and total random crap. Enjoy!

*Awesome how it only took four days for me to get annoyed with NaBloPoMo this year!
**And yet, here I am, on my computer.


November 4, 2008 at 9:17 pm Leave a comment

we want the funk

My favorite back-to-school commercial still lives! Makes me laugh everytime I see it:

I especially love the third kid. Gotta love little kids jamming to We Want The Funk!

October 1, 2008 at 7:50 am 2 comments


I’m watching 90210 — yes, I’m that bored this evening — and the guy who used to play Finn on Gilmore Girls is playing some sleazy model representative.

But I just can’t take him seriously, because I keep thinking of him as the drunkard Australian who couldn’t remember if he had ever met Rory.

Finn was totally one of my favorite characters… always good for a laugh.

I miss Gilmore.

September 30, 2008 at 7:50 pm 1 comment


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