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This morning, I had a soccer game. I play in the women’s league here, and it’s a great time. We’re in a low enough division that we’re mostly just playing for fun. It just feels great to get out into the fresh air and run around for about two hours on Sundays. I don’t actually know if we won or lost, because with about ten minutes left in the game, another player kicked me really hard, squarely in the calf (she didn’t mean to, but still… ouch!). And then with about five minutes left in the game, another girl on our team got hit in the face with the ball, and it almost knocked out one of her front teeth… as in, she was actually holding her tooth in place. So we spent the last chunk of the game trying to find a dentist that had an oral surgeon on call. It was a bit of a mess.

Aaaaand, I went bowling today! It was a Meetup event for the group that I organize, and it was super-dee-duper fun!! I haven’t been bowling for a very long time… probably not since sometime in college. There was a waaaay sketchy alley near our campus, but it was pretty cheap, and right near the $4.50 theatre, so we would often catch a movie and then hit up the bowling alley.

The one we went to today was pretty nice… run down in all the right ways, bright and shiny in all the right ways too. We had fourteen people, and bowled two full games (on two lanes) in just over two hours. I pretty much sucked. I got three strikes (which were super exciting!), but my overall scores were pretty sad. But who cares? It was way fun! I drank beer and ate shitty bowling alley nachos and had a blast with a big group of people.

And, just for fun, here are my awesome bowling shoes:

nanowrimo word count: 2851 — going good so far!


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