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Dear lord… my hair is out of control. Absolutely, out of control.

I have this amazing hairdresser — Jerielle — back in North Carolina, right around the corner from where my parents live. I went to her all through college… literally waiting for a holiday or making an excuse to go home to get a haircut so that I wouldn’t have to find a new person to cut my hair. And now that I live in Arizona, I still try to wait until I’ll be back in North Carolina to get a haircut. It’s sad and pathetic, I know, but she’s really really good.

For the most part, I am the complete antithesis of a girly-girl… I’d rather wear jeans and a T-shirt than a skirt or a dress; I rarely wear makeup beyond concealer and chapstick; I hate shopping and deplore pedicures.

However… I have incredibly dry, coarse, curly-as-all-hell hair. If it’s cut poorly, it looks like a dead animal of some kind. Since I’ve found a great hairdresser, I’m very reluctant to find a new one. Jerielle always cuts my hair perfectly… she does this cool texturizing, layering thing that makes all the curls lay fabulously.

I have found a good combo of shampoo-conditioner-paste/gel that can sort of tame it once it starts to get too long, but the point has come. It is officially taking over my head, becoming the uncontrollable mess that it turns into once it hits the length it is.

But, salvation is near. I’m going to North Carolina for Thanksgiving, and my mom has secured me a spot in Jerielle’s chair. The crazy, curly fro is going to die a nicely-trimmed death oh-so soon.

It makes me a little sad that I spent an entire post writing about my hair. Oh well.

In completely unrelated news, I’ve been watching my Gilmore Girls DVDs lately — television sucks these days, so I’m reliving the old favorites: Friends & Gilmore — and I’m up to Season 4. I just watched the episode when Luke realizes he’s in love with Lorelai… so sweet… love it to death.


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